Life Groups

Getting Plugged In

Are you looking for a group? Please contact the office at 375-4414.

Why Life Groups?

Why Life Groups?  Simple…they exist to provide an opportunity for people affiliated with Living Hope Church to experience friendship, fellowship, and accountability in their personal walk of faith.  All in an informal setting as they become transformed into fully devoted followers of Christ.

Friendship – How does one develop friendships? Spending time with others, learning about their interests, how they live their lives, what is important to them, how they spend their day off, what makes them laugh and cry . . .

Fellowship – As a body of believers, fellowship is friendship at a deeper level. It involves sharing that moves closer to the heart – what brings joy, what causes pain, where are there needs for care and prayer?

Accountability – How we put what we know to be true into practice. It’s how we apply the principles of faith to the circumstances of every day living. The emphasis in small groups is not acquiring more Biblical knowledge, but in applying the truths all the time.

Benefits of a Life Group

  • Having Fun
  • Belonging
  • Laughing
  • Understanding
  • Valuing
  • Caring
  • Deciding
  • Growing
  • Learning
  • Healing
  • Affirming
  • Ministering
  • Reproducing
  • Transforming