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The rest of the story  By Gina Grate Pottenger on April 20, 2012 With a megaphone and a sermon, Nathalie Sweeting obeyed God by preaching to an empty, weedy lot. That act of obedience, along with forming local youth into a basketball team, is how the Church got started in the island nation of the Turks and Caicos.
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Nurturing the call By Chris Troutman on April 18, 2012 Chris Troutman, a former missionary kid and current graduate student with Nazarene Theological Seminary, discusses how the Church can nurture God's mission call on young people.
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Missionary profile: Michael and Tamara Hudson By Engage magazine on April 10, 2012 In the Romania District, where Michael and Tamara Hudson and their family serve as missionaries, the most significant moments in ministry often occur around a meal or cup of coffee.

Q&A: Louie Bustle reflects on 42 years in mission By Engage magazine on April 4, 2012 After 18 years as director of Nazarene Global Mission, Dr. Louie Bustle retired on April 1. Engage caught up to him on April 2 to find out how he and his wife Ellen started in missions, to share highlights of their years of service, to hear his most frightening travel experience, and learn what he’s doing now.
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